Does Ironside stack with impenetrable? Anyone think its worth using? Thanks!!

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not sure but assume it should. maybe worth it for a rush in and out build. all ican say is test it and see how it feels.

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It does but from what I’ve heard
Impen can be nullified if your using hip fire

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Neither ironside nor impenetrable are worth it. Take medic and large pouch.


Impenetrable is at 6 points so I figured its good? Why do you say it sucks?

Impenetrable is 100% worth it. Not everyone knows about hipfire canceling out the perk, and even then it’s worth it because you should be at a distance at all times regardless. You’re not gonna get any hits hipfiring at a predator in a tree, so Impenetrable still comes in handy.


what do you think of fearless?

I wouldn’t say it sucks I’m just working off numbers. Let’s say it’s a 20% buff, which we don’t even know for sure. With 2 heals that’s 3000 damage hunter can take and the buff only applies to bullets. Not useful against plasma rifle or gernades. Now switch it with large pouch and 4 heals. That’s 5000 damage hunter can take against all forms of attack. It’s just math 🤷‍♀️

matches are not long enough to use 4 heals lol

They are if you play sloppy 😅

And if you play death squads. I’ve used my 4 heals plenty of times, had to resort to pigs a few times there, even lost sometimes. Snipers don’t fuck around

Hip fire punches through Impenetrable on any gun?


What the fuck? I mean, now that I think about it, it explains a lot especially as a Assault who uses Deadly cause meh, that’s their best Specialization. Whenever Preds get close I just hip fire because I don’t wanna miss a bunch of shots by aiming point blank.

Preds can go down in under 5 seconds, no parry necessary. Any class. That’s why people say rushing is a bad move; you’ll be Swiss cheesed in seconds if just one guy knows what’s up.