Is it worth it?

So, recently I’ve been watching a lot on Aliens: Firetean Elite on Youtube and have been interested in the game since it’s launch. I have not purchased it yet. Is it worth playing?

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I’m a massive AFE fan. However you will find that most people on this forum, except for a few, are not.

If you’re a fan of the Alien franchise, you’re going to love it. Check out the other thread entitled “Aliens Fireteam Elite” for more info.

I play it everyday so ask away if you have any questions. 👍🏻

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Only if you have a team.
Pretty low quality game tho.

Get deep rock galactic
100% percent better


Fun the first few playthroughs. Lacks replayability. You’ll play for about a week and get bored


No it’s a crash grab with only 200 active players compared to deeprocks 6million not only that deep rock galactic has randomly generated maps and random spawns so no game feels the same its packed with content and is currently free on ps plus you should at least try it out and save your money and time

Rock and stone to the bone brother


It’s terrible, I hate it. Most boring game ever.

Don’t forget how there is no buying your way to the top
Everything is earned thru playing the game

Dude all the positives I could list about drg would be enough to qualify as an sat essay

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