Is the Evil Dead Game Good?

To be honest it looked really boring in the game play and trailers. What do you guys think about it?

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I’ll tell ya when it comes out this Friday

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If you haven’t already it’s a ton of fun.

They also have already patched an animation cancel exploit within 3 weeks of the game that gave survivors a huge advantage. (Seriously impressed with how fast it was patched)

Compared to PHG 2 years later, still riddled with bugs, exploits/glitches are praised and celebrated and has become stagnant in regards to any updates or communication due to the devs gearing up for launching 2 other games this summer.

To sum it all up, Evil Dead is groovy as hell baby.


Yeah its way better than I expected. I too thought it looked generic and boring… nah playing survivor is super fun in this game. And being demon is something unique and well thought out.

It’s worth it. These devs seem wayyyy better than shitty Illfonic.

I wish Saber had phg’s IP

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Yes! Evil Dead: The Game is Better than Dead by Daylight.


Devs actually read feedback and reply honestly & don’t even have a legion of powertripping discord mods like Cold Iron.
Game was way bigger than they thought it would be and they’re actually trying to accomodate for that instead of ignoring their playerbase so that’s cool.

Sad part is epic exclusivity

I like the warning at least

But this game will just desensitize the populace to real world violence…HEY DID HIS HAND TURN INTO A CHAINSAW! Lol 😂

You have to decide for yourself

What I may consider to be a good game you may consider to be a mediocre or trash game

Personally, I can’t get enough of it. It’s everything I’ve wanted out of an assymetrical game.

I’m not taking shots at P:HG because this game is way too different to compare.

This game plays as true to an IP as you can get. When playing Demon, the movement, the approach, everything feels like how the Demon acts in the films/series.

When playing survivor, they took a very interesting approach of eliminating (or very closely eliminating) meta builds, etc. as you start with pretty much no loadout, and rely heavily on RNG to build your survivor how you want them throughout the course of the game.

Think of a light battle royale mechanic - and I say ‘light’ because this game is not a BR in any sense, but the fact that you have to loot and rely on a bit of luck to make yourself more powerful while actively in combat kind of compares it.

If you’ve ever played WWZ (these are the same Devs), the loot system and real-time progression is very similar.

There’s a strong balance between the Demon and survivors - you don’t want to move through objectives too fast OR too slowly. Every match will be VERY different from the last, and this adds a ton of replayability.

Like many others, I was on the fence about it at first too. But I’m glad I decided to pull the trigger on it because it blew my expectations out of the water.

Coming from a long-time DBD and P:HG player, this game easily stacks up amongst the best, in my opinion.

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And I’m just now realizing that I’m extremely late, as this question was asked nearly a month ago 🤣. But my opinion still stands for anyone else whom might be on the fence about it.

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Hey there! I understand where you’re coming from, it’s important to be honest about our opinions when it comes to video games. I haven’t seen the trailers or gameplay for the specific game you’re referring to, but it’s always a bummer when a game doesn’t live up to our expectations. On a different note, have you ever tried playing any casual games like bingo apps real money?

who are you

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It is fun if you just play casual. It was better till they nerfed demon like ilfonic nerfed pred. Which reminds me