Is there a possible way to ping or find out what the servers status is on Epic games

I want to know the server pings/ jitter pings of Epic games servers that house or supports the PHG games that we play.
Man i’m getting sick of these lags…
my ISP shows me pings and jitter pings that should be optimal for playing…
So i’m sure my ISP is not at fault.

this video demonstrates the visible issues:

We need to know this so that we know who to message when our games are lagging like crazy. especially today!

This is one website to test your ping an jitter but this is from you to your ISP:

Just going to bump this as its been a few days of lag in which I haven’t experienced before since initial launch. Not sure what the problem is.
This is the GMT -5 time zone or Eastern Standard TIme.

Lets just say last week was smooth as butter.

I thought PHG used P2P instead of servers, where there’s no central host, so instead players send data to eachother.
Whoever joins the lobby first seem to get the lowest ping is what i’ve understood, kind of becoming the host / server.
Sometimes you get the “Lost connection to host” message when someone leaves, means that the person who joined first left and now the rest of you have no host / server to play on, therefore you all disconnect aswell.

If you have high ping then it could mean that the “host” is located far away from your own location in the world.

Its definitely not a P2P. P2P is when data can be shared directly between systems on the network without the need of a central server.

We connect to Epic Games server, and while I send my data once to the server it in turn sends my data out to 5 other people while I download their data that they have sent to the server.
If there is a lag, that means Epic Games is taking too long to transmit the FT/Pred locations to me.
In this situation you’d think that it was my ISP but my ping times are 100 or less ms. So i don’t know whats going on. I wouldn’t be playing if i saw 500 ms, i know I wouldnt have much fun.

So even though I might be sending my data to the server at a fast transmission (ping times), they aren’t forth coming as to when their data reaches me (this return transmission pingtime is unknown to me).
Now I still see each member having pretty low ping times of less than 50ms. So i know their connection is ok.

Just to be clear, my lags start happening about 30 seconds into the game, then at a frequency at about every 15-20 seconds, and its just a single pop of location (as the video in my OP shows in an exaggerated way).

There is for sure servers that helps us connect, but for the actual gameplay it’s P2P, otherwise everyone would have the same ping and no lag problems, unless someone in your own network would be downloading, streaming, etc.

If the host of the lobby has bad upload connection the rest of you will suffer.

Okay, I got some proof here. This game has dedicated servers, but also has a P2P fallback option. Private matches are definitely P2P. I’m not sure what the conditions are for the P2P fallback, but it was mentioned in the patch notes 1.06.

what is p2p?

In Peer to Peer games, the players connect directly to each other. One player’s computer sends packets directly to the other player’s computer.

In contrast, in games with a dedicated server, the server transmits data about its internal state to allow its connected clients to maintain their own accurate version of the game world for display to players. They also receive and process each player’s input. The dedicated server is the authoritative source of events.

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thanks, very clear

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Interestingly enough i had found this webpage that tells us about maintenance but it lacks PHG info :

I think we also should get a location of every player in our map view. I get this feel the lag is because you are playing against a lot of out of area people than your own areas.

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