Is this game called Predator Hunting Grounds?

This game was awesome now not to much, first is a game based on the Predator and the dailies are just for FT, u guys keep giving BUFFS to the FT and NERFING the Predator. If that was the game u guys were going to creat u should’ve called it Fireteam Hunting Grounds not Predator Hunting Grounds. Me and my friends we kille Predator like there’s no tomorrow so far no Predator has been able to beat us. We usually go to kill the Predator we don’t even do the mission any more 😂😂 Predator easy peasy to kill. U have turned the Predator into a punching bag. Stop Nerfing the Predator if u guys are going to buff the FT.


Lol if any ft loses. You need to really think about your future

Combistick swing speed
Plasma caster full blast nerf
Bow nerfs
Trap nerfs
Hp nerfs
Berserk nerfs

Nerfs to zen
Nerf to perks scout class
Buffs to dmg all across the board
Everyclass has built in perks
Parry nerfs

Imagine if predator had a perk 25 percent dmg to bow and plasma caster. Or combi throw


good day,

just one opinion
(from many;)

(a fun comparison)

they have 2 racing cars

They have
1 racing workshop

… the racing workshop will be! always! keep the in-house soldiers brand better,

the Pred is the international brand, the valves should not be adjusted there, this engine must not run with the correct camshafts … this engine must not be better … well, …

the “game title” still caught me;)

I cannot hunt with the current Predator settings, with these “settings” you can “do anything but definitely not * hunt *”.

I would appreciate it if a Predator can enter the “Hunting Grounds” with 6 perks.

the fireteam brings 12 perks to the field …

I would also like it if the Predators zoom in on the mask to look into the distance.

nor do the Predators have a clan leader weapon … there was one, the Combistick, it was torn, it would be nice if they at least restore the swing speed.
… or will the Predators get one last weapon? … a weapon for a clan leader ??

… I would also like to see that the weapon dmg of the Fireteam weapons is corrected. if a Predator can’t “hunt” and can’t move through the field like a hunter, the punishment should hurt … even for me;)

so please correct the dmg for the following weapons,
… please restore the firepower of these weapons.

this Cal.
sawz + 7zen may only be fired while standing or sitting.
Such a weapon cannot fire while it is running.

I would also appreciate it if the reinforcement brings you back with 50%, the Predators now have to prevent reinforcement because Fireteam has everything back, so “like” when the game started 100%.

I am excited to see what comes next :)


I can understand the daily challenges cause if they were to give pred dailys it would make qeue times longer than they already are but illfonics solution to qeue times seems to be “oh let’s nerf predator into the ground and drive away our player base that’ll clear up the qeue time REAL great👍” newsflash illfonic not a good way to do it.

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You are forgetting combi throw nerf, they didnt write it in patch notes. Now is 106 instead of 126.



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More perks for preds would be nice.
The daily challenges are to encourage more ft play and reduce wait for preds.
To be fair, there are 5 people playing each match, and 4 are not the predator. Needs to be fun for them too.
Also, Evey Predator movie has “Predator” in the title because that’s the IP, the brand. And the preds die in every movie. i.e. it doesn’t imply the protagonist, or who “wins”.

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Fuck that explains a lot. Four wristblades strikes after the throw had me puzzled. What the fuck. I’m so over this nonsense 🙄

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Yeah, all range weapons got nerf, new tick skin makes support and durch unkillable from range, but if you go from close range for a combi thow or a melee weapon you will die in seconds. These perks changes were fucking trash, they made the game close to be unplayable and a lot of experienced players are dropping the game more and more.


Yeah I’ve mostly dropped it 🙁

Well, nope, it’s called

(thumb for my next vid)

You’re welcome! 😆


🤣🤣 fucking hilarious!👊and 💯accurate.

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is like any movie related to humans and monsters or aliens etc the humans always wins because it makes the humans feel better 🤣🤣 u are right 100%

Of course it’s called Predator hunting grounds… I go hunt Predators there!

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The latest update not only op the ft but also created a cluster fuck of blue screens and in game freezing unreal…unfuckenreal!!!


Guys, if you wanna, you can check my vid here:
Thumbnail I’ve made was for that vid. xD

Predators def need a buff now, I’m a decent Predator and only got 2 kills last match and they weren’t easy to get with a FT full of Dutch’s!

Before Dutch released, my friends and I thought he’d be like Tommy from Friday, and only 1 person could play him.

I think we, as Predator players, should be able to see the classes the FT are using DURING the mission briefing, and have an extra 5 seconds to choose our loadout. There’s nothing worst than loading into the hunt, checking the roster to see 4 Dutch’s, and realising the Loadout you’ve chosen is pretty much neutered before you even engage.

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Just shot a Dutch in the face 5 times with the Plasma Pistol while he was picking up his guy and it didn’t down him. Goddam bullshit.