Isabelle HP

Looking at the bar specs, Isabelle should have more HP than Assault and about the same as Dante and Dutch.
In match, she has only 130HP.
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Thank you

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Either giver her 15 perk points and 140 HP, or just fix the HP pool that was intended, 160 HP.

Dante has 160 HP, the rest of the stats are more like the same, but Dante has 9 points for gear, 10 perk points same as Isabelle.

ATM, Isabelle is below any FT DLC so far, even Recon is light years better in terms of stats, perks and points for gear.

Some buffs would be nice, just to bring her in the same range as other DLC chars @OldKingHamlet


160 hp for isabelle should be good


Without the hp perk

I was about to buy the damn DLC when I found out about the health discrepancy. A friend told me “why you always trying to prove me wrong” cuz I was telling him it was impossible she had less health than an assault soldier XD XD He had already bought her and was pissed about it.
@OldKingHamlet @IllFonic


She should have lower HP she’s just a recon or the other class. should she have something that gives her a edge yes more health no. I mean he has a lot of pred gear on here that should come in to play but dose not.

According to the story, she survived the hunt int the alien planet preserve, managed to travel back to earth, joined OWLF and killed a lot of Predators. So why shouldn’t she have more health?
What Dante did to have 160HP?

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Good point why are they relying on FT to have a lot of heath to win or survive. Give this dlc characters something unique something special to them.

add more macro, ambiot! The pussy must make the predator dust! I ask the moderators to bring the predator to life … he has too much !!!

She’d be super op. She literally has almost max speed and stamina, then with thick skin she’d be at 185 hp. No thank you


She should be with that hp she is weak

130 is not enough

For a hero dlc

As her HP should be bigger, her perk and gear points should be lowered…

The gear is good and the perk too but he dont understand that she is weak

I think she’s just fine where she is lol

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He dropped the soap in the showers ALOT, that’s why he got so many hit points and can take alot of beating.

Alot of beating from behind.

No wonder he has damage reduction when he sprints. 😂

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Do you disrespect Isabelle ?