Isabelle vs Predators in PHG (4K video)

Hello guys.

Since we didn’t get Isabelle in the game, I kinda “roleplayed” as her, being the sniper against the Predators in PHG. It took me several hours to edit it and I think the video itself turned out cool and entertaning but that’s for you to decide.

I hope you’ll enjoy it, the premiere starts in 20 minutes.

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Thanks man!

I’ll just bump this so it doesn’t go down the drain. ^^

She’s one of my favorite characters

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3:51 you broke the character roleplay by leaving your teammate behind. She wouldn’t do that! Lol

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But the bomb would kill us both. xD

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See. You should have roleplayed as Royce, something he would have said and done lol
You’re a really good shot btw

You’re right. xD
Thanks man!

I know its from Aliens but still… Give Vasquez! Her weapon would be the smartgun :D

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I don’t think Predator is cannon in in the Alien franchise but AvP aliens are. Probably be more likely to get Lex or someone from those films
But now that I think about it Lex became part of the Yautja’s clan so she wouldn’t hunt for Predators, I think?