It could have been worse

Can we all take a moment and Thank @IllFonic that this game does not have micro transactions!!

This game could have been way worse! Imagine to get each weapon you needed to buy them. With either a crazy amount of VT or real money!!

Or what if this had that bs card system games have used in the years lately!! Uggh could not imagine how bad this game would have been if they went that route!!

So thank you!!


We’ve really sunken this low when we need to thank Devs for this.


Yes and you better thank them or that will be the next update lol!!


It’s only a matter of time huh

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Next update! Caster shots cost 5.99 for a single hunts worth of energy!!

Combistick throw is 11.99 to unlocked for 3 hunts!

Scout, Hunter, CH, Alpha, elder, Valk, and samurai. Cost 12k vt each round to be used!! Or 1.99

Smart disc is 15.99 for one throw!!!

Thermal vision weeks worth is 24.99


Jesus, wasn’t there a game that charged you for each match you played? Think it was the culling 2. Big yikes that was.

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That game. Also Hunt Showdown was very heavy micro transactions heavy! If your Hunter died the last round you either needed to use in game money to rebuy it or real money! Idk why anyone even plays that game!

World of Warships is similar but you pay money to fix your ship faster of you want! So if your a newbie you play one round get fucked your basically done for the day unless you want to spend 5.99 to fix it right away!

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Christ what has gaming come to

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Idk man! I’m pretty excited for some game to come out! I know our dlc will always be a thing but I think I’m getting to that age where online multiplayer games are just not as fun! At least shooters and asims!!

The day fighting games out in micro transactions bs will be the day I stop playing them!

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Yeah there are definitely some games that look real good but gotta be careful these days. Don’t want another Cyberpunk fiasco.

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Yeah. Alien FT gonna be one! Im even thinking the Evil dead game might flop

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Make me

I don’t have a problem paying for new things as it costs money for them to make it

I would have bought the Predator crate if it had an exclusive Predator with new weapons and cosmetics and early access to a new map

Better than having a shallow weapons pool like we currently have

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