Its because you eat those goddamn corn chips! RIDE THIS THREAD LIKE A MOFO!

Stop feeling lonely and eating corn chips! Nobody gives a goddman fuck!

You want people to give a fuck? Create new business! Create interest! Create Art that people WANT to be apart of~! That is the genesis of creation! People congregate to create!
Nobody gives a fock about your accounting job! or your nursing job or your cooking job!
Nobody cares! Make something that makes people think! Make something that make people FEEL!

Let me tell you why this forum gets cleaned every so often, its because someone CARES!!!

SO THAT YOU FIND OUT WHAT IS IMPORTANT TOMORROW! not whats going on yesterday! Nobody cares about yesterday! They want what is happening TODAY!!!

Let me give you an example: CREATIVE ASSEMBLY, creators of ALIEN ISOLATION went on to create other shit that nobody cared about…but what was the real take away? ALIEN ISOLATION!!!
They created an IGN EXclusive web series that went on to become part of the Alien mythology, warts and all. BUt CA kind of went to a reclusive state. You might as well say that CA de-materialized business-wise. That said, they didn’t do anything wrong but they at least did something right.
How would they manage to survive? Well possibly they did in other forms,and probably it were through very much incomprehensible financial prospects. So that being said, they disseminated rather than proliferated as business entities.

But at least they left a legacy that should be revised. Prove me wrong.

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Starting to miss those voodoo posts…

Looks like they also banned Sturl again lmfao. How much you wanna bet he’ll return again?