James Cameron I challenge you to become DLC

@James-Cameron you magnificent beast and godsend of a director. I challenge you to finally become DLC this September with a new “Directors Mode” as well. Where you are the Predator and you hunt inferior Directors such as Michael Bay, Stephen King, Quentin Tarantino, and Martin Scorsese!

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Imagine not tagging me and donald trump



This has already come to pass in the Cameron edition of the game.

The people in charge of the version you all play refuse to accept the gifts that James Cameron would bestow upon you.

Nacho Handyman is in that DLC somewhere. Can’t use the real name because of copyright issues.

I greatly object to the lack of turtles in this idea.
At least the great Michael Bay has been suggested

No he isn’t. We’ve talked about this. No DLC until you can stop sweating profusely all the time. It’s unbecoming.

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The DLC should be a round table director’s commentary, while you play as pred you can hear James Cameron, John McTiernan, Alan Silvestri and the predator himself sat at a table talking about how trash you are at playing whilst they almost magically anticipate every move you make right up to the end of the game.

James Cameron will also tell you that you have him to thank that your predator doesn’t look like van damme in a lobster costume, and that the mandibles were a throw-away idea whilst sat next to Stan Winston on a long flight.

This way you’ll be reminded that James Camerons most spontaneous and effortless thoughts are more profound than any idea we will fart out of our brains during our entire lives.

You will need to settle for James Cameron and Arnold. James Cameron can’t find those other guys anywhere which is sad as James Cameron is a fan of McTiernan.

Ps: you may think the mandibles idea was a throw away comment but Stan didn’t. He dislocated his own mandibles that day while “thanking” James Cameron on his knees.

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Michael Bay’s passive ability of EXPLOSIONS would probably be hard to balance around -_-


Then how would you balance for James Cameron?

Why would we need to when Michael Bay is clearly superior

For Aliens Fireteam Elite! I would take this over Ripley anyday!