James Cameron returns

James Cameron has returned after an extended voyage to bring good tidings.

James Cameron decided that his former victims in PHG deserved some help. Therefore James Cameron had words with Sony about certain publishing rights and met with illfonic to ensure that you, the little people, get a nice PHG upgrade this year. You may commence adoration of James Cameron now.

James Cameron.


Did you raise the bar by any chance sir? It’s been kinda low as of recently?

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Welcome back, truth be told, nobody missed anybody in this place.

Well, not exactly, maybe we all miss Fantasma for the LuLz

Bullshit James. Nothing is considered ‘nice’ when it comes to Illfonics PHG DLC. Its a small over priced shitling or nothing but a patch. Stop trying to ride this horse thats been sick for ages. Putin it out of its misery is the way.

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Mr. Cameron

How convenient that you should return to the place you left for dead

I have heard you have left many soldiers and priceless resources behind on your so called ventures the same way you have left this forum

Prepare to be slathered.

Your bitterness has not improved. You have James Cameron’s pity.

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Had James Cameron not left…

The consequences would have been far worse.

But fear not. He has returned my child.

This has proved almost impossible. The garbage coming from western society has sunk the bar very, very deep. Mostly the self hate.

We must remember that we are still the greatest civilisation there currently is and one of the best ever.

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Fuck your shit get out my house

I’m so glad you got the reference 😂😂😂)

It’s about time

Hello everyone how is everybody?

If James Cameron is back with good news about the upcoming update for Predator: Hunting Grounds, then that’s great indeed.


Isn’t that Peter Jackson?