July DLC

I hear that the July DLC skin is going to be James Cameron. @VENN7eance


You mean the guy who directed all the Alien films?

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He absolutely ruined Prometheus and Covenant which are totally not canon.

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July’s DLC


Yeah that’s the James Cameron loadout where he ruins Aliens Franchise.

Yeah he messed up covenant so bad

Danny McBride was great in that though.

James Cameron played every part in Alien resurrection.

@VENN7eance did you know that James Cameron wrote, Directed and played the lead female role in Jason Goes to Manhattan!

And stripped to underwear.

He did the full frontal nudity with soft core penetration.

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There’s a rumour he done that scene hardcore on himself and only got the part as female lead because he made himself give himself a BJ.

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He once played Anita Sarkeesian and made a Protest video about his own sex scene.

I heard he invented the chestnut and that he could run a mile in 3 seconds

He’s a great man, an honourable man and I hope he gets to finish his aliens be predators trilogy 👍

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AVP requiem is the greatest movie in the legendary Aliens saga written, starring and directed by the greatest human ever. General Sir Lord James Cameron. He played the pred and predalien.

God Emperor James Cameron, once wrote, directed and starred in The Resurrection of Jesus Christ a biography of Cameron’s own life.

That wasn’t a movie. He invented 8K cameras back then. Filmed himself being crucified and then ressurected himself. He then immediately invented the Oscars and won every category including best underwear scene.

I heard that he directed and starred in the creation of the universe. The Big Bang was actually a directors note he came up with during editing. Because he felt the need for a nod to Michael Bay’s future masterpieces.

James Cameron? Lol what. He didint make those. He made aliens. That’s it

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