June 12th reminder

Those that have not purchased Dutch shall anticipate the Hammerhead assault rifle and Dutch’s Knife to be available for free on June 12th.
(Confirmed by Playstation Store description)


and your Proof?

the fucking devs you daam cuck

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Where? i didnt see shit on Twitter Facebook Insta here illfonics website or the Epic games store so where is this info coming form?

Can confirm, they said it would be free update Dutch’s weapons.

can i get a link?

it’s confirmed or not ?

I can’t find their confirmation of the day for you, but it’s this month, unironicaly “dude, trust me”.

ah i saw the Reminder so is the Dlc droping at the same time

Source was confirmed in the description of Dutch’s DLC in Playstation Store.

yea ok but i mean the DLC junes DLC is that coming on the 12th too or we dont know?

I would say it’s a guess from there. I’m only mentioning this detail just in case for others to know of. It is 6 days away, and Illfonic hasn’t said anything, so I doubt it honestly.

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My guess would be near the end of the month. They announced Dutch’s DLC 2 weeks ahead of time and they haven’t done that for the june DLC yet.

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Better be worth the wait

I hope you’re right. Anything less than a new map, Predator and FT member would be disappointing. Don’t really care for more tapes.

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It seems “and Customizations” means we will be able to customize it…somehow!!

The only skin I see is the Deluxe exclusive camo, but it doesnt work at all. When I equip it, it later resets my loadout lol.

And that’s the day the press quit

I belive new skins and weapons will be added soon.

That’s the problem. More maps, mods, levels, perks, customization, better missions… and less skins. Dutch DLC fixed predator waiting time for few days, now it’s the same as before. We need long term solution for this game, something that will keep us playing longer. We don’t need few days hype for some new skin.