just a couple suggestions

alright so the new predator perk ironsides isn’t actually that great i think this perk should actually be

Gain damage reduction whenever you perform an action that spends stamina for 4 seconds

this way it has a more active playstyle to it rather than right now where it’s just
when your shot from the back aka retreating cause your going to die otherwise

also i think dithered lens only needs to cost 3 or 4
not 5 like it is now it’s not that good to warrent such an absurd nerf

also your “armor” that you added to all predators doesn’t actually work @Arrow_calis tested it so get back to it and don’t forget when you add things to the game have someone go into the game and test it
it literally takes 5 minutes to do this you have at least 1 QA guy that we know of have him do his job thanks

and buff down range by 5-10% but increase it’s perk cost by 1 IF you don’t do this then you need to nerf field medic/interaction speed perk don’t nerf both just one or the other

and uh please in January have a patch that is strictly focused on bug fixing plz


Official tests for Impenetrable REPOST

Pred Hunter with Impenetrable and Iron back
Recon SAWZ Bane + Sniper

  • 7 shots without mark in the chest
  • 5 shots with mark
  • 8 shots in the back while moving without mark

Deadly Assault + Bane HH is 32 bullets
44 in the back


  • still cant charge bow shots in private matches
  • combi stick disapper from the map after throwing it
  • crouch glitch / exploit is still in the game

And might I add, MAPS & MISSIONS!! One map and a couple of new missions is all we’ve had since launch. We have more than enough variations for classes now, can we add some actual content to the game. This game is severely lacking in mission variety, it’s the same shit regardless; go to location A, aim and shoot, hold square, go to location B, repeat, go to exfil… It’s mind numbingly boring and too easy to memorise. If the objectives were more complex and required some thought, strategy it would make a difference. As it is, one guy can do objectives while another deals with the AI leaving the other two to pressure the Predator. Have missions where every FT has a separate objective? I dunno, you’re the ones getting paid for this.


Oh, and increase the damn level cap to 250 at least. There’s no sense of progress or achievement for those of us who’ve been playing the game since the beginning.

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i’m honestly in the camp instead of giving us a level cap increase give us either a prestige option that unlocks predator mythic trophies for each prestige (so after 1st prestige you gain all the red trophies the 2nd one gives you one of the yellows ones at random so forth and so on and if they wanna be super cool doods then after obtaining all trophies the final prestige would give JH87 or at least just his mask lol) or just an XP bar that fills up infinitly and everytime you gain say 50k xp just give us a loot box



0% difference in dmg reduction… atleast for me lmao… they need to tone down ft damags literally… i think predator has to be given atleast 100 bullets to be sent in second wind…and not by one guy alone… atleast 2 guys shooting is required… it would make sense honestly… and if u cant win againts 2 guys you just suck imo… but its sad that one guy can literally parry knife parry knife until ur ded… or parry + shotgun… works better imo

AND it would work better if they added my Unique body part mechanic cause they you would need actual skill to put him in second wind by shooting his head for max Damage

Something else that would be welcome, actual information regarding the Predator class passive abilities. So when you highlight Scout Class, it tells you that you regenerate energy while in Thermal etc etc so we’re not all second guessing.

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Also the Predator “armor resistence” doesn’t work, Pred Hunter has 1250 hp and always been like that for months. No additional reduction. If you shoot to the armor or to the stomach there is no different. Patch notes are wrong. Pred got nerfed guys wake up.


@Weevo540 bow still broken 😂😂😂😂 did you watch their stream yesterday? Did they say that they are gonna hot fix this month?? It’s absurd how bad human being they are…

Lol. They are horrible at the entire game. And baby ps4 pred would have put up more of a fight than any of them did as the pred

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I saw for 3 minutes the stream because I was busy watching Shroud on Cyberpunk. I heard in that time that one guy asked about Pred armor and they gave a weird answer to not show the reality, that the armor doesnt exist or work properly. There is no damage reduction for Pred in the body armor (only the mask for headshot). Also there is no default damage resistence for Predator. Tested in private. If you are not using Impenetrable your hp are still 1250 and always been like this.

Good luck waiting 3 months for a bug fix that they should have done 2 months AGO 😂.

Cyberpunk looks like a future gta to me. Seems very boring

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I am watching more videos possibile to understand if it could be a good game for me. Seems like it has some GTA and also Fallout similarity. Also I am asking people that have this game some feedbacks 🙂.

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I could tell by my gameplay that he got nerfed, but everyone was saying he’s a Tank. I didn’t need the numbers to tell me, but I appreciate the verification. 🍺🍺

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just bumping since i know their back from vacation by now

I hope they start paying attention but…9 month’s later and we still have many of the same issues and new ones… so at this point I’m waiting for sony or the dev team to just opt out… but who knows

This game’s starting to feel like a toxic relationship 🤣🤣😭

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