Just a leveling up idea....

Hello hunters. So, recently the 2.29 update was revealed and it’s pretty good. I love the new night maps and the new bio masks. Along with the increased level cap to 999. But, I’m a little disppointed about the receiving’s of a new trophy every 50 levels. Instead, of unlocking a new trophy every 50 levels, why not unlock DLC’s @illfonic. Like, every 50 levels we unlock a paid DLC FT or pred. It doesn’t matter. Now, I understand that you make money off of the DLC’s but seriously, some of us players don’t always feel like spending 5 or 6 dollars to get a DLC and we might not even like it. $6 wasted. Just an idea that’s being thrown out. @illfonic, please read and consider this message. Thank You…

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Having characters unlock ever X amount of levels would DEFINITELY be awesome and absolutely give incentive to keep pushing forward after hitting 150.

I wouldn’t say give us free DLC’s, however as of now we have the Alpha at level 100 and the Elder at 150. I think adding more characters skins at increments like level 300, 400 etc would be worth the grind.


Then i want my money back every 50 level



Yeah that’s never gonna happen, they won’t fuck with their bottom line.

True, but I would love this a lot.