Just a rant tbh

I just find this game funny with the in balance of damage and health for predator and how you can’t beat good teams because of it thanks to Ilfonic 😒😒. A game what could have been good- fucked. Ngl just getting pissed off with the game at this point hoping it was gonna get fixed or balanced but it’s fucking Ilfonic. And Ilfonic if u reading this. A big fuck you and your also twats and can’t make games. Nuff said.


I like your style


We told all these things to illfonic one year before
Just don’t waste your time , they’re not gonna fix anything
It is what it is


I know bro but it pisses me off so much. Like the energy for the predator is another big thing like wtf l. This game is genuinely just a lot of shit bro

Another big reason most of the OGs left. Just ain’t that much fun anymore. There’s a lot of potential but they squander it constantly. It is what it is

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Last time I checked you wanted to play against us , and you had some rules I guess ( like only two sniper something like that)
you still want to play or what ?

You would be incorrect and mistaken. I don’t do those matches anymore