just an idea really

just curious on people’s thoughts about if they added a battlepass to this game. with various things to unlock.

just to have something to work towards instead of just having xp. would also help the people at 150 since xp is not really useful for them.


I mean like a seasonal pay for battle pass like cod?

If so maybe I mean if this was an option there should be very unique unlocks u can get no where else like pred skins and masks and armor styles maybe legendary preds from movies and tons of human skins like scooba lookin players and night vision googles for appearance and new all around stuff to receive but I wouldn’t like this personaly but it would be a good addition for gameplay

Yeah I was thinking anout it too and I think it would be a nice idea

I mean it’s one thing we had to pay for the main character of the first film but this? Please God no

Im not a fan of Payed Battle passes but free ones are cool


Now if it were a free battle then that would be good because it gives you something to earn while playing without needing to pay for even more stuff.

Having a payed battle pass along with paid DLC is a bit too much.

I think if they were to do a battle pass then they should make it similar to battle for neighbourvile because they get it right (minus the characters and upgrades in them of course).

They could release a massive battle pass each month for free with new weapon skins, accessories, shaders all of the customisation we have now and more. And maybe the reward for reaching the end could be a legendary predator skin that changes the look completely. So maybe something like Wolf predator.

But it would suck if you end up missing out on an item so to compensate for that they could allow you to get the smaller cosmetics with Veritanium and the legendary skin could be unlocked with a challenge once the battle pass is over.

And of course if they needed another way to monetise the game then obviously you could pay to skip tiers or something along the lines of that.


yea i agree i wanna help the devs make this game but im not giving them my pay check every month so that i dont miss out on shit im a predator fan but that would leave a bad tease in my mouth for years.


Same for me. I don’t mind paying £6 for the odd dlc every month but if they ask for even money then that’s a ballsy move considering the game’s state.


it doesn’t have to be monthly can always have a season that lasts a few months similar to how fortnite, cod battlepass works

still its more shit you have to pay for the game and i dissagree with that Pratice i remember paying ONCE for a game, now a days games are Chopped up and sold to you in pices im fine with pay for what you want dlc’s that hold no or very little advantage right? because at that point you are paying once for the game and you only pay more if you like a skin or a voice pack or a collor change or what ever.

at that point your paying for artistic expression and i dont have a problem with it i just have a problem with if i wanna see what the game has to offer i have to pay again for the same game how ever many times they want me to pay

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Not against battle passes, they have there place in getting funds for development, but I think the DLC route we’ve taken is fine.

Let’s talk more after we get about a years worth of content. It might be something to consider then.

Im game. This game would be perfect for a battle pass. There does need to be more things you can do in this game overall. But I’m sure that’ll come in time. I’m just hoping this game doesn’t do the on thing all other asymmetrical games have in common. ONE game mode. I’m more concerned about game modes opposed to Battlepasses

Battle passes suck because they give you a limit to earn things and can come off a forcing people to play for cosmetics (unless it’s like halo mcc). Battle passes really only belong in certain ftp games.