Just got CloudPunk....

Stay tuned… on the weekend ill give yall first impressions.

OK! I am back. Not the weekend of but the weekend after. I’ve played CloudPunk and these are my impressions.
Being a Cyberpunk enthusiast , and I’m not saying about the 80s franchise board game or the recent 2077, i’m talking about the integration of modern topics such as augmented reality, cybernetics, AI, robots, climate fuckery, the idea that one can be empowered by technology and also burndened by the moral disposition of having such power. That is what CloudPunk includes!

So getting into the gist of it, I found the game
1.visually appealing
2. narratively curious but geared towards a young 15-20 year old audience.

  • that being the casting and models are throwing you minecraft Voxil pictures that are really pretty and wholesome but also flirting with dark themes. There are characters that are entirely family friendly and some characters overtly abusive and adult like- not not nc17 adult.
  1. gameplay wise, this game is merely what you might find in MMO. Find this, find that, trade this for more credits $$$, pimp your crib, pimp your drip, casually do a quest with A or B motifs with varying results and responses from characters. There are alot of voice over narration. Sometimes too much so…some not as professionally recorded as the others. You wouldn’t find it very intimating playing this game in front of the kids.
    There is no major pathways in this game at least not where I am at least. Its not evident there is a path so don’t be worried. Its very casual.

  2. Linear is the best way to describe the main plot, but there are 100s of few sentence characters that get you on doing a side quest for them for credits. not a big deal but these let you pace out your play throughs so that you can carry on the next sitting.

  3. The Music is pretty good. A very modern equivalent to a dark instrumental version to Cyberpunk 2077.

  4. weirdly, thing that struck me was the Voxil minecraft art. There are pictures of people whom you converse with that are rendered from stock photos made into bladerunner versions/ cyberpunk stylized through photoshop which DO NOT reflect the voxil models so that was peculiar but I attribute that to the experience that ion land games wants you to get. I think its a naive kind of process but I guess thats why the game was developed so primitively. I’m neutral on this. I take it this has more to do with their ambition to make their follow up game called Nivalis which I’m excited for too!

  5. The experience of playing the game is very cool-chill with absolutely no intentions on making this a shooter even though you’re playing it through a bi-pedal character. As much as I want this character to jump and tumble and shoot a gun, its not that type of game. I do require a jet pack though. I hope they put that in.

  6. Its a slow paced game but a visually stunning and peaceful chill experience. You mainly get to ride a flying vehicle like in blade runner or Back to The Future…some of the scenery gets destroyed as part of the plot. The depth and fog are really astounding. The amount of detail here is awesome with the buildings and landscape. Its like they treated AAA size maps with voxil making it an unsuspecting microcosm for you to discover!

9.performance wise, this game runs like a dream! Crank everything to max at 4K!!!

OK…go buy more games!