Just some stuff I wanna see done for the Predators

Oh boy. Where. To. Begin? Let’s see. I guess for starters some free updated stuff such as new Predlocks. I do enjoy the masks that get added but I would also like if predlocks were to get added now and then.

Speaking of Masks. We have the rebreather and Berserker Pred’s helm so I guess with this upcoming update well be getting the third option that came with the bundle pack; Saber. Excited for that! Also Falconer’s!! Now that it’s in the game and on Isa’s back, it’s likely that it’ll become a wearable helm.

Skins!! Specifically the Alpha, Elder and City Hunter. For a tiny bit more custom variety and immersion, I can only suggest that they make the three skins usable for all the other classes. I have a bootleg City Huntress, lmaoo. Bronze armor, the helm and the dreads…literally all I am missing is the skin! Same for my Attempt at a female elder. I have the dreads and helm but all I am missing is the skin!

The option to use the plasma caster or not. Dunno why but I’ve been wanting this since we got City Hunter. Just for a bit of extra challenge, I’d love the option to attach it or not. Working in tandem with the plasma caster would also be the laser targeting system. I’d like to see the colors change, just the simplest ones like Blue, Yellow/Gold and Green. To go with the green predators I have, been dying to have their laser targeting be green.

Samurai. My second favorite DLC. My only gripe is the armor shaders. I only utilize the green and bronze armor shades, specifically the bronze one. Please give the Samurai the same colors as everyone else as well. I’ve been waiting to have my Samurai boi be a rustic, old bronze color for awhile now. But I will continue to wait patiently.😁

Second to last! The alpha and Elder predlocks. I can only hope they’ll get the same customization options as the other Predlocks. You can keep the design but have it be the other color options, such as brown with darker or paler colored liverspot-like blotches for example. Same goes for the Alpha. I would like to be able to use an all blsck color for them since every other predlock has the black options as their default.

Lastly!! The gold and platinum shaders!!! Bro! First off, happy that the Alpha just got them but I noticed his helm doesn’t have those. Dunno why you guys did that but that’s cool, I’d imagine y’all will add them sooner or later. But yeah, these two shaders! I like em a lot but the weapons need them too, please! I’ve been mentioning this since Samurai DLC. I can only hope you guys are already on that.

Anyway that’s enough for me. Hope the DLC is soon a nd I look forward to the next custom options for my other predators (aka the Predlocks, weapon and helms)

@IllFonic and @OldKingHamlet anyway good luck devs.👌🏽 Hope you guys will take some of my minor griping into consideration.


This sounds kool I thought you were going to ask for an Alien Homeworld map or something crazy like vehicles lol.

I’m here for Yautja lol. More maps are appreciated but I am here to simply enjoy this game and live out my fantasy of making my own Hunters and Huntresses with their own backstories and whatnot.😅