Just Why

Its really sad to see what this game came to over the time I been gone I only see one way but I feel like its never going to happen is this game to become somewhat big aging if it comes to xbox you let a game that could had a future just die I like the game just not the people who really work on it but who ever is reading this best of luck I only came back over 2 years to see what it’s like but I was not surprised that it would be like this now

Porting this game to a different console won’t save it. They already abandoned the game a long time ago, and the game is objectively bad. A rushed, buggy mess of a cash grab. They only reason a sane person would still play is for the Predator IP or with friends.

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i like this game in the way it is

Theres something wrong with you mentally.

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Most wrong with you ;)

Go bed