Katana Sludge damage

Not sure if this is a bug or intentional but if you parry the Katana you still get the sludge damage. This is ridiculous and should be changed. If you parry you defended it. Same for weapons that still do damage even when parried. Otherwise what’s the point.

This is probably a good thing, katana is underpowered anyways

What the hell is sludge damage?

You mean chip damage?

He means bleeding effect

Stoopid dum fak

All attacks from the Katana inflict bleed. Even parrying, because parrying deals half of the attacks damage that was going to hit

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Dumb ass that’s called DoT damage.

What fucking moron calls it sludge damage?

I hate that it’s underpowered, back when I used to play it was one of my favorite melee weapons in terms of how it played & felt. The ability to chose between heavy vs light strikes and the DOT made it fun, shame it isn’t competitively viable.

Ghost with the heavy strike as an opener did a decent amount of damage, I used to run it with the plasmapistol to make it viable. Soften them up with pasma splam and then have fun going in swinging.

Those were the good ol’ days of the katana, I ran that thing constantly, especially with Ghost. But yeah, when they nerfed it it was a sad day indeed because it was a lot of fun. I might make a build later with it just to dick around with randos and have fun.

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You forget she’s Yugoslavian or something, so they see the icon for Bleed and think like, mud or toxic waste or sludge. Its weird.

Probably gonna have to build everything around the katana for the it to be effective against better teams, or just use it to finish them off after weakening them from range.
With ghost, fearless, and specific class passives you could probably do a decent amount of damage still, but you’ll have to run large pouch too for the damage you’ll be taking.

Let me know how it goes, if I ever play this game again I’ll probably use it if it’s still decent.

Oh the katana, i miss it

My main build back in the day was Alpha pred warrior spec and katana, it was fantastic

I likely would not use it against names I know. I would check they’re percentage completed and if its like 80 or higher I probably wouldn’t use a melee build on them, that’s asking for trouble. I would probably use Scout or Wolf because of the speed, with Fearless and Long Jump to get in and out faster. Large Pouch for sure on Scout, I typically don’t have it for Wolf and use Adrenal instead for more stamina. Katana is a hit and run kind of weapon, so a build and class meant for speed and maximum damage would be best.

scout you say? BEST CLASS!!

Scout, analytic

Disc and bow

Medkits and motion sensors

Down range, impenetrable, large pouch

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I used to play Scout all the time, it was the fastest until Wolf came out. But that HP is what kills it for me. Before FT specs you could dominate pretty hard as Scout, you only had to worry about perks, passives and weapon damage (which wasn’t nearly as bad), but now you have three OP weapons and specs that stack with everything, and the poor little Scout gets turned into dog food.

I still have a Scout Stalker, maybe I should diddle with it later. If not that then I’ll try your build. I need so much more practice with the disc though, like I’ve never used it.

Using the disc requires MAXIMUM or VERY HIGH sensitivity or else it’ll only fly in a straight line and be useless

Other than that its somewhat easy to use, you just have to adjust to the sensitivity on your other weapons and shit and get used to piloting the disc

Yeah, but I think that’s too much. Just my opinion.

I usually crank up my sensitivities when playing as Pred anyways, and lately I’ve had them nearly maxed for FT and Pred, trying to emulate PC mouse movement (mostly for knife engagements), so I’m pretty much already there for the disc. I’ll practice a bit against AI, then try a few pub rounds and see how it goes. It’d be nice to use a weapon other than combi/bow for once.

Well why do you think it’s too much? The general opinion of the Katana is poor, namely when used against pre-made teams.

I personally disagree, I find success with it against pretty much anyone, save for the squads that all four run nothing but the SAWZ

I can break down the stats for you and explain everything if you want

I’ve never heard anyone say that. If it was poison damage I could definitely understand but bleed?

Like wtf.

I’m currently playing with a katana build, so yes please