Keyboard and mouse support on console

Hello! I don’t know how active the developers are here, but I unironically love this game. I’m playing it on PS5 and since this game has crossplay, I’d like to request a keyboard and mouse support for console players, like in Fortnite.

Bringing this feature will further blur the line between the platforms and imo will be beneficial for all players.

I did tweet this suggestion to Illfonic as well, and I got a response (picture below), but I wanted to do it right, so I came here to post the suggestion here as well.

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My spidey senses say ur gonna turn off crossplay so that you only face console players with an advantage

“We’ll pass this feedback along to the team”

That line is a meme a this point, its like a bot giving automatic reply to fool people and make them stop messaging that has been going for 2 years. They say that shit all the time but never do anything. Just bullshiting you.

Anyway I heard about some ps players claim they have managed to use keyboard and mouse on ps.


“We really appreciate that! We’ll pass this feedback along to the team”

The team:


Nah. I always Play with crossplay on, no matter the game.

Well, the game on options does have a setting for microphone - push to talk on keyboard, so… I don’t know. Maybe I just don’t know how to turn on the k&m mode

They probably just message them on discord and say like mE ADd KEybOaRd oR NO

They are really good at destroying games by making them , INDEED

I wouldn’t count on it. They haven’t added anything complex for a long time. Not that KBM support would be all that difficult to implement, but this is Illfonic. They have trouble figuring out trivial bugs, some of which are still around today from launch

Thats pretty much their only response to anything mate . “There is a psycho at your door with a machete!? We will pass that along to the team 👍🏻”. Their staff were recruited from a call center .

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Can confirm this is due to be implemented as soon as they finish the 2 year project to fix the sound bug.

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They definitely dark fated this game.

“We’ll pass this feedback”… Pppffffffff… BULLSHIT!! Just like the 10000 times we have given feedback and the issues are still happening.

If there are children under the age of 13 playing this game, then you can bet they will never let PS players use the hardware used for skill and speed. we need kids to be at the worst level a player could possibly be at. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have videos by @Samhain13!

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