Kill the officer bug

Couldnt finish the mission on derailed just said kill the officer and officer was no where to be found


The sad part is that they fixed this issue a few patches ago and it returned after the hotfix.

Its like they dont even proof check there coding.


Always happens when the Pred sets off the alarms at that camp.

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My pred left the game from the start. it still happened.

@OldKingHamlet @Courier

Just remove it from rotation if this can’t be readily solved.

Killing Predator is fine enough but in completing certain dailies you can’t do that if you can’t get to exfil during periods where this level is on rotation. This also doesn’t account for players who are built to just escape Predator. So keeping this nearly guarantee a Predator win.

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Dude we never said it was a permanent bug, we just said it happens from time to time. But no fuck everything cancel the next dlc and fucking take it off the PlayStation store! Sure as hell developers shouldn’t look in the forums for good bug posts.