Killer klowns

Cant lie the game is pretty fun, but could see the lack of weopons for clowns, wouldnt mind seeing em get creative and add to the weopons that they intergrated from the movie. If you got it what do you think?

I’d like it more if I didn’t know there was so much scrapped content

Having a hard time wanting to play now

How do we see total player count across all platforms?

I’ll get on it at some point. Looks good folks are saying it’s more fun than TCM.

I’ll hopefully own both soon. After I rehab from spreading democracy 🥹💀🫡🤦

Scrapped content? Like what?

Oh playing that helldivers i see. That games fun too

Baby klowns, drinking blood from the cocoons, perks, Shorty’s bike, archetype passive abilities and more

Aww thar woulda been badass if they kept those in. At least the bike and drinking from the cotton candy bodies

Killer klown? That thing swinging between my knees?

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I got somethings swinging between my knees too up under my nutsack. A group of brown killer klowns 💩 💩 💩

They look to be on steroids AND creatine. 🔥

Yeah, I hear you! The game’s definitely a blast, but more weapons for clowns would be awesome.

my favorite kind

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