Klingon Empire vs Yautja Empire

Who wins? Also this is 2270’s Klingon Empire.

Klingon’s are all about the frontlines. Ambushers win every time. Stealth and sniping are OP and klingon aren’t that clever. They’d just get castered.

Ground war yes, space battle not so sure seeing how the Klingons can cloak their vessels also.

Nah if anything they would be pals lol

While I don’t know anything about Klingons, Yautja have multiple ways of fighting in a wartime situation. At that point, rules of the Hunt are out aside, for effective weaponry and technology that would work to ensure their victory. Plasma Rocket Launches, EMP Missiles, actual assault rifles, lots of stuff.

Yautja Motherships do have weapons meant for spacecraft to spacecraft battle and even space to surface laser beams. Yautja occupied armies would have E.M.P arrays and surface to orbit defense systems. Again, I dunno a lot about Klingons, but it does sound interesting.

Interesting question. Is this a “always existed in same universe” scenario? Or an “isekai” situation?

Kirk pounded one bad bitch too many and created a explosion of neutrino energy. Tearing apart space and time creating a portal well behind the neutral zone.


This is now cannon. I have spoken

In that case Klingons.

The Ewoks kill them both. And then eat them. They do. Its true. They were going to eat Han, Luke and Chewie. They ate the stormtroopers and the Rebels let it happen.

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