Knife attack for FT and stamina problem

Problem is there is no stamina cost for FT melee. All knife attacks should be at a cost of some stamina, just like wristblades on predator. Alternatively - remove stamina usage for wristblades to balance both sides.



I still think it’s the actual knife damage that’s the issue. Totally crazy


True, that is the case, but since devs are main FT (they have admitted that XD) we will not see any drop in that absurd damage. What they can do is make it more fair and balanced by adding stam cost for every knife swing. That would stop scouts from sprinting after you and stabbing you to death XDDDD


Agreed 100%


The way the devs favor ft is sicking. @IllFonic yall need to get ur noses out the ft assholes and find true balance not make it so that your favorite side is the better side ugggh.


LOL… but no, yes, you are correct. They need to rework the balance from scratch. Its very bad just now.

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They never said they favour one side, they said they play one side because that side needs more players to lower the other sides que time.

Whenever you wonder why they don’t communicate, know that your interpretations of the things they have said are a reason, maybe the bigger reason.

PS. Knife damage is fine, 😉.

Spoken like a true FT Scout main😝


Of course it is Slasher! For main FT it is…


Guys, I stopped running Heavy Hitter forever ago…

I might have to toss it on for today though, 🔪🔪


If the Predator’s attacks keep getting parried, then the Predator can back off and use other weapons in his or her arsenal. I have gotten destroyed by a Predator who tried to melee me but I parry the attacks and then the Predator takes a step back and throws the combistick at me. With the combination of the slight damage that I took from parrying and the combi throw, I went down. Now what I am trying to say is that there are so many options for the Predator to choose from to take out Fireteam Members. It’s all a matter of using your brain and figuring it out. Don’t tell Illfonic to nerf something because you aren’t using tactics.

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How about we reduce knife damage by 25%, but adjust heavy hitter to increase by 30%. Then you’d get:

  • 9 heavy melee hits to second wind hunter
  • 7 heavy melee hits to second wind hunter with heavy hitter
  • 6 heavy melee hits to second wind hunter with heavy hitter and Yautja’s bane

Wait bane and hitter stack? I ain’t getting near those suckers again…

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Yes. From all the testing I’ve done this past month, I believe that everything stacks.

The only exception might be the last man standing buffs. Unfortunately, it’s somewhat of a tedious thing to test, and you’ll need at least three people to do tests of that.

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I ALMOST agree with you - problem is the example you have given us proves the imbalance :

You see - NO, he dose not take a step back quz pred is unable to do this in this game. What needs to happen is jump over FT, or turn my back on them (for fuck sakes) run away a bit and turn again towards them. FT has the option to face the pred all this time and keep on melting him. There is no back walk mechanics for pred in this game, therefore he is being put at a serious disadvantage in any face to face confrontation.

I parry the attack and then the Predator player creates a little distance and then throws the combi stick. I did not mean that the Predator takes a step back automatically after getting parried.

And if you aim the combi stick to throw it, then you can walk backwards

With the speed of a dying slime XD

I’m just saying that this has happened to me a few times and it works. I just don’t see the huge imbalance with this that certain people see. Obviously a Predator who is just going to attempt to repeatedly melee a FT member to have every strike parried is insane. What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Adapt to the situation. Also a skilled FT will make a match harder for the Predator. It’s not the game’s fault. Now don’t get me wrong, this game isn’t perfect but I would like players to learn from other players and not constantly blame the game.

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