Lag spikes and hit registration

Another lag glitch. The hit registration priority needs a rework. Players with lower ping should be prioritized over players that have a lot of lag or lag spikes. This is just ridiculous. If anyone else has similar videos, post them here. Let’s get this fixed.

Crazyboy9 just posted a video similar to what happened to me a few days ago.

My video.


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Have you seen thier latest tweet?

An empty developers workstation lol

Happened many times when I was playing ft. Today I killed one guy with few sniper shots and melee and he glitch out. I hope he hasn’t reported me.


We’re working from home. How tf should he actually take a photo of his workspace with him in it -_-

That said, those videos look annoying for the players (The clarity of the first video on the situation is quite good too), so I’m passing them along.


Only teasing lol

Can’t wait for for the update at the end of the month

Hopefully we get a new Pred DLC along with a map

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