Lagging, freezing and the usual bull (video)

Platform: PS4Pro

In this particular instance, I’m on Backwater aka Lagwater. Notorious for its poor frame rates as it is, but this is the worst I’ve experienced yet. What in the actual fudgecakery is going on with this game guys @OldKingHamlet @Courier because this isn’t an isolated event. These freezes and severe lag spurts are happening regularly. And it isn’t always during chaotic moments in the game, which isn’t excuse enough considering all the optimisation that’s supposed to have been done;

Playing City Hunter in a previous match, I experienced an auto power slam as I was leaping away!?! My Beserker class got hit with the ADS bug in a match last night… We are currently waiting up to 10mins a match these past three days on PS4 and when we do get a game that isn’t just two or three people, we end up fighting with stuff like this😡

I fucking love this game, but how much longer are we going to be dealing with these long running issues and bugs??

Yep. Fuck backwater

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