Last of us 2 opinion

So ive noticed that are really split on this game, some people hate it and some people love it. I really dont get why people need to be mad at someone who doesnt share there opinion, especially on the internet. So whats youre opinion on the game?

I think it’s very boring. Walking and hiding simulator 2020. Also the story is whack.


My friend couldn’t shut up about it but when I watched it I was like, ok ? Nothing more impressive than in another game of the same genra. It do it well don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t saw any game breaking graphics or mecanics. I would probably give it a 7-8/10 max.

I couldn’t care less about the story since it’s not the main reason I play video game for and I played the first one but didn’t finished it by boredom.

personally i find the gameplay incredibly boring as it’s a third person shooter that has decided on too much realism so it’s just sprint shoot take cover and shoot and the player character is a nervous wreck so they have trouble holding guns still

and the story is atrochious in comparison to the first game as they can’t seem to introduce characters well or establish suspension of disbelief as for some reason they want you to care about the people you kill yet the main character kills HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE in the previous game and also DOZENS OF PEOPLE now and they were taught to care for no one in the first game as everyone is out for themselves cause y’know apocalypse
but were supposed to care? about people that would kill us without a second thought?
wtf also the main antagonist can’t establish why we should care about them aside from the “violence breeds violence” ideology which Metal Gear Solid/Rising does better at that angle than this game by miles

that’s basically all you need to know oh and Neil druckmen the lead director of the game has a self insert sex scene with his dream girl in the game that he himself mocapped with the same girl he wants so badly to pegg so that’s wierd but whatever

and uh something something trans people are cool

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Way to much politics smh

Only fun to play on the hardest difficulty as you can get the true last of us experience but the story man, you really have to keep a open mind when playing lol

@KameofWar 's review + On rails cutscene simulator that could’ve just been a very bad movie instead.

I thought the point of these 10 hours of cutscenes games is that they’re like those shitty choose your own adventure novels?

usually yes but sometimes those don’t work out either (mass effect 3) and games like this (or uncharted) have the appeal of basically beings interactive movies/full TV show seasons played out over the course of a game which can be compelling due to the putting yourself in the characters literal shoes

TLOU2 runs into the issue of there is no choice but it wants you to feel bad about the choices that are being made along with the “violence breeds violence” mantra that the game spouts at you
but yeah in a way you pretty much got the TLDR of how i feel about the game
it is best described as a misery simulator or torture porn the game

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I’m hoping for Horizon Zero Dawn 2 for my next big hit. They can’t screw that up.

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I think if the storyline, the controversial parts that is, didn’t seem like it was political and “forced” then a lot of people wouldn’t actually have been as bothered about what happens in the game. I can see why they are pissed that they waited years for it and what they got had too much involvement from people like Sarkeesian (however it’s spelled).

I hope not. Don’t need Aloy being pegged by some cyborg or getting killed in the beginning just to be controversial.

Its a fucking masterpiece and all the hate is completely unjustified. 10/10.

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i’m not saying they should do a Last of us 2 thing with it. Hells no!

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