Laugh and you are a sick fuck 🧐

Reminds me of the hacking scandal of PHG @Fire @REYNOSO_FUA11


I remember it like it was only yesterday.


It was 22 years ago buddy , it must have really offended you and your fellow disabled.

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I’m entering womens boxing next year , I’m a sure gold medal πŸ…

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I’m entering the special Olympics, I will be competing as a transabled they/them.


Wow, that’s fucked.

It reminds me of the movie the ringer 😁

Even the Spanish coach had to tell the players to slow down because they were doing too well πŸ˜„

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Who gives a flying fuck lol
It’s sports
If you’re so invested in it, drop an anvil on your head and compete yourself XD

Even the mentally handicapped would whoop me at basketball , I’m too white πŸ˜”

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