leap slamming unintentionally

The title says it why has no one reported random times where every leap does a slam without the r2 held, ultimately I lost the match due to this because I would pause between leaps


happens when I use the combi stick. Strange.

Just press r2 to cancel it

the game literally forces me to leap, then slam. No canceling possible.

It can’t be canceled. It happens to me when he will start swing wristblades on his own too. Then he’ll leap straight up in the air too. It’s been a while since I’ve had it happen but I know auto leap is a real bug.

I am a PC Player, and i wrote about it 2.
I told illfonic that sometimes i attack repeadly with wirstblade without interaction, it breaks stealth and stops moving and makes me an easy target.
When i try to leap away, because the fireteam sees me because of it, it makes a slam, what makes me even a bigger target and very easy 2 kill.

This bug is since the beginning of this game.

It’s a bug. I don’t actually know what causes it but it’s happened alot to me. You jump or leap and you swing right after landing. But yes you can get rid of it mid game