Leaped out of map

(On ps4) Just had something kinda funny happen to me- I was playing as Valkyrie and I had decided to be friendly this round, and I have no idea what I did wrong cause I just remember sitting there crouching messing with the fireteam but then all of a sudden I leaped super high into the air and could see the whole map and everything outside of it, then fell out of map and just kept falling so I just had to leave cause I couldn’t do anything to fix it


You reached Valhalla!!


Wow, sounds like you were hit by something that shot you up.
Really would have loved to see a vid of it happening.



I do have a video of it but couldn’t even upload a picture on here one time while trying to report something so I don’t even want to attempt trying a video but I could put it on YouTube and put the link on here

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This is usually what we all do.
We upload to a different platform and link the video or the picture to here.

I was trying to leap and my leap cursor was going under the map.

Not too sure if these are related!