I am forced into speech because men of science have refused to follow my advice without knowing why. It is altogether against my will that I tell my reason…
And I am the more reluctant because my warning may be in vain.
As the things I found within these game of thrones, It is altogether against all that I stand for to tell my reasons for opposing this contemplated invasion of the AXIS --with its vastness and its ‘bullshit bringing’ destroy what we hold dear!



In plain english, what’s going on?

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but it will take 10 years for the survivors to find it happened. Then after 12 years, all life on Earth will have rebooted due to gravitational structural integrity collapse gradually…most of us will not even notice.

Every species on earth will need to recoil, into a strronger helix structure in which to survive. There were prior, 2 helixes in the history of Earth. Now there will be three.

The first(1st) structural collapse came after a chance impact with a massive asteroid. Killing off the dinosaurs. Thus bringing the dual helical structural dna patterns of what we have understood as DNA.

This second (2nd) collapse is essentially man made. Bringing the uprising of the 3rd helical evolution.

Dude are you talking about that machine that is supposed to make a miniature black hole?

No he is talking about a mole

Could it be that what triggers it is in the core of the Earth? The fact that we had all these heating events leads me to believe that the core has been knocked once again.
But surely man made this happen because of our quest for FIRE!!! fossil fuels! Controlling the atom! We did it!


PLANcK Energy.
It is noted, that without even stating black holes and super novae that outer space, and space within terrestrial space could essential obtain planck energy.
Mainly through conditions that are under mans control or universal means.
That said, we can obtain a potential state of creating new universes through changing space through bubbles of chemical reactions if there is evidence that suppose mankind practicing a form of scientific experimentation that would create gateways to other universes (new or old).

Already, particle colliders try to do this. Eventually we could feed it enough energy to create portals. Not yet. But if the scientific community has the means to do so, one out of a trillion times, they would have done it. Quantum mechanics would propose that if 1/1000000 times one has done it, its already enough to make the quantum impact of one of those chances ‘of variance’ would have created a portal. Thus like a ripple in a pond, one on foreseen circumstance ‘of a tadpole’ would lift its head up and say ‘something is up!’ and begin to swim through its’ way to find a pathway to another dimension. And if it takes 1000000 failures, at least 1 will come through.

What did I miss, I don’t remember gettin any advice from ya
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a https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stargate_(device) will be found.
The first, mankind will have built but it would have no structure.Fusion power scientists would be theorizing its implications, while some would be deem heretics and even mad!
The second stargate will be built from a civilization where they bear witness to the firsts ones destruction. It will be built upon the detritus of a civilizations efforts to control it in all facets of world intrigue and wants to conceive it.
The star gate is no joking matter. @TheSenate Your council please! I posted this mearly 10 minutes ago! How dare you not respond!

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No star Gate for you.

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We must build a stargate and use the crackmobile to sell drugs to aliens and make the cosmic melon meth lab as per @Fire and I’s plan.

On a serious note warping spacetime for instant transposition would be pretty dope, and would hopefully connect us to another friendly species, habitable planet, or just needed material resources.

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If they’re hostile they’ll probably kill us. If their friendly, the dumb fks of our planet will kill them.
Cant ever have anything nice.

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I believe that there is life out there. Not talking ET visiting earth, but at least some form of life like microorganisms or unintelligent life. Given how life arose and the infinite size of the universe, statistically it had to have happened multiple times. On the off chance that we do have some hyper advanced extraterrestrials and they have the means to visit earth, the likely would stay the hell away. If you look at our society, we are extremely violent as a species and have mutually assured destruction and other scorched earth policies. If they try anything peaceful, we’ll probably be the aggressors, and if they try to invade us, we’ll use nukes to make the planet completely uninhabitable for life, which would ruin the biological resources like food and water that the aliens would most likely want from the planet.
Absolute best case scenario we start trading food and agricultural resources to them in exchange for knowledge and technology, and become a sort of intergalactic gas station until we become equals with the extraterrestrial life.

Or if we share similar biomarkers on our cells (which is highly likely given that life is just electrochemical reactions and reactions can only happen a certain way for life), viruses and other microorganisms will go through the portal from both sides. The alien viruses would be novel to us and our viruses would be novel to them, and given that neither side had prior exposure to train immunity systems, both sides get completely wiped out within a matter of months.

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Fermi paradox. Scary shit, fun to think about

It would likely connect us to ourselves years in the past to another stargate. But of course our own star. because if we create it here, it would be the easiest thing to do. Transport valuable minerals that takes us decades to mine, to bring it back to the past for us to use. Slowly destroy out planet even further.
Maybe the oil really is the thing that is being brought back only we don’t know it.

Did you know that the processes for carbons to decay into oil is still the most unknown process ever? And yet we mine it!?
Like, there literally is ONLY a theory to the existence of oil. Such as, old dead organics rinsing down to the basin of the ocean being once again regurgitated by tiny insects, into another form of broken down material only to be sucked into the earth as hydrocarbon molecules, only to be filtered through and through into the mantel , then boiled then regurgitated as what we know as as OIL.

People think that the oil we suck up is a limited by-product that only comes around every millions of years, but I assume really the whole process is like photosynthesis in plants and shedding of fruits and leaves, only to replenish every season. I take it fish die every day, rinse and repeat over and over all day long. So the likely hood of oil being in existence forever is endless.

Yeah, I’m studying organic chemistry (the study of carbon) and oil formation like you’re talking about is a pain.
Eventually we should get to a point where we can synthesize usable carbon based oil in a manner that is economically viable, the technology to get it to do such just isn’t there yet.

Oil takes forever to accumulate in large amounts, and is what happens when organic matter trapped in the crust decays under heat and pressure cycles for millions of years. We just need a way to either chemically build these hydrocarbons from scratch, or simulate these factors but more intense so production can be achieved within a few years or less.

If we switched all of our engines to be run on alcohol, we’d significantly cut down on how much oil we need. And alcohol can easily be made by yeast bacteria and concentrated via distillation in as little as two weeks.

Now we’d also need to use natural gas, another byproduct of organic decay, but it is also very easy to synthesize methane, the combustible hydrocarbon component of natural gas via Hydrogen and CO2 in the presence of Nickel at high temperatures.

If we really wanted to, we could quite easily invest the resources and decrease our net fossil fuel use by 90% at a minimum within a decade or two. Course we got chicken shit politicians and lobbyists who legally bribe them, so that’s never gonna happen unless we’re facing an extinction level event, and even then I give it a 50/50 chance of people wising up.

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