Let the games begin

So, I am off work tonight at 10:30pm Mountain Time. I am looking to play some customs and have fun as the predator. Plus I’m close to leveling up to 100. I am on PS4 as well. Anyone want in? I know I’ve got a couple who won’t mind. Plus I do enjoy playing predator. Also correct me if I am wrong, don’t private matches give you all the same xp and V?

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They do.

I think so but I won’t make it easy for you lol add me and send me a message here and when your on let me know

I’m in. Elder, what’s your handle? I’ll add you also.

Preds can’t pick up VT at all, btw. If you want it, best play a few as FT. Rotate the Predator roles. Tentacle, it was your invite, so you start as Pred.

TentacleDadi is my PSN and will do

I vote that whomever does the most damage to the Predator or kills it outright gets to be Predator next round.

Not worried so much about VT, more xp being at 93 lol

Ok just let me know here when your on then lol

Will do

You can add me now and I’ll add back in a bit. off work in about 3 hours and 50 minutes. I usually get home by 11pm

Can’t updating it’s a pain!

Updating? PS4 or Predator hunting grounds?


What update on PHG

Mine is Batman_-1-_

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2.09 Update? or is 2.10 out?

Don’t think 2.10 is out. I just tried it.

Like, literally Batman, underscore, dash, 1, dash, underscore?

hmm, what update would it be then?