Let us carry downed players.

It would help alot.

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IllFonic doesn’t care man. They’ve abandoned the game for a long time.


How about no

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You mean like drop your weapon and literally embrace wounded freaktard because potatoes couldn’t handle the JONGO!!!? then risk life and limb without firing weapons all the way to next objective?
Lets think about it shall we?


One can hope though, they do release content still, bare boned Il admit but they do,
U never know, I didn’t expect they’d continue this far,

And we all know a few small. Changes will massively improve this game,

I mean we can’t even mantle and climb as fireteam, that’s just one animation to implement.

Bro get a life, seriously

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You too, get a life

They don’t release content for this game anymore man. The last bug fix was in January. It’s September.


Dragging downed teammates would have been nice. Predator should have been able to do the same.

There are a lot of mechanics that should have been. Illfonic isn’t a competent enough developer.

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Droidg getting emo. Face it @Droidg just realized he is about 3 years too late to the game. literally.

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No! I am Heisenberg? ( I work at illfonic and they say no!) I am lord illfonic plz do not ask again or else I am Heisenberg?


Bro I played the game when it first came out,
Somehow it seems Ive found the one group of people who have less of a life than me.

Your the emo bro,

It genuinely is something that you need to change,
Look at where you are right now,

Your on a forum for a video game,
That you hate on,
And anytime someone makes a post,
You act like a fa ggot,

Thinking anyone gives a Fook what you say,

You just expose yourself for the no life incel you are.

When was the last time, if ever, that you got laid.