Let us pause the madness

20 years ago, a bunch of bitches crashed planes into the twin towers, the Pentagon, and what we think would be the white house. Instead, the citizens aboard flight 93 overpowered the hijackers and crashed the plane into a field where they honorably died. An act worthy of Yautja recognition.

We honor those who risked and gave their lives to save others putting themselves in front of the face of danger.

Together, let us take a moment to remember all those who passed on that fateful day.



You ruined it with the Dues vult.

You ruined it

U ruined it with ur opinion, which nobody happens to care about

Same with u

Dont get all pissy cause what I said is true.
If you really care about honoring them you wouldn’t throw in a shitty joke.

So dont get all defensive over it.

It was meant well

Im just tired of the whole crusade shit being non stop everywhere lol.

I guess, but it’s the forums. Anything goes unless the mods disapprove. The game is not giving us much to talk about either.

How is everything btw?
You mainly playing this or does a different game have your interest atm?

Never played Phg actually. My rig is too old and i don’t have a PS4 or PS5. Just not into games that much, but i still follow Phg cause i can’t quit it.

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Then leave if ur so pissed abt it

Im following AFTE a bit, but it feels like I’ve seen most everything that game has to offer, even with the new update. I guess I’m waiting to see how engaging battlefield will be.

What are you playing right now?

I still haven’t gotten AFTE 💀

So if you’ve never played it why are you here?
Did you once plan on playing it?

And you’re a pc player?
Wasnt sure tbh.

If your set up is too old tho, how do you plan on playing the new battlefield?

As for me I’ve been playing a lot of borderlands 3.
Got it on sale, havent been disappointed.
Most recently I beat malicious fallen, and while tje main game wasnt really too hard or anything, the extra mode called pursuit was a hell of a challenge.

Took me several hours to beat lol.

It was kinda nice tho, being stuck on a pve game.
It’s an older game tho, so it makes sense it’s not easy like most new games.

I said crusade shit, not the forums.
Good lord you dont take criticism well, it’s not like I even said that much.

Tell me why do you get to voice your opinions but it’s a war crime if I do?
Lmao I didnt even insult you.

I get the pay respects to the victims of 9/11, and I’m happy someone is doing it but the Deus vault made no sense and didn’t really needed to be added

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You insult the crusaders, you insult me. And also, your opinion still doesn’t matter no questions asked

It seems like it’s one of those games that even though there are difficulties and cards, the approach is very similar. I’ve seen a very solid build for a team to run though most any scenario. Now the only thing that left is some personal or board challenges. People have to figure out how ro make the game interesting again.

Lol yeah. I haven’t played anything except hg 😹 tryna grind to level 150