Limited time game modes

I feel like this is an easy way to spice up the game and to test out ideas in a real world setting

My idea is a spin on hunt

Except there are no AI

FT drop down into a massacre with dead bodies all over the place

It’s just them and the Predator


The mission is just to survive until extraction or kill the predator

Lethality is up across the board and ammo is limited to a few magazines and one of each type of gear

Ammo crates and medkits are also reduced

No reinforcements

Predator also has limited ammo/gear/pigs

This could possibly allow for more FT and Predator such as 2v8

Maybe 4 spawn randomly and 4 drop down

Like a rescue mission

What does everyone think?


Delete AI

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Like the idea!

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Has been mentioned to have a “community playlist” that rotates through custom Game modes either created by Illfonic or the Community.

Like the good old Halo days.

One can dream.

It’s unfortunate that we can’t even have Illfonic “try things out” for a weekend.

Or a trial weekend of something.

Don’t think anything negative could come from attempting to implement events or something the community can participate in themselves.

It could lead to a ton of data collection and lead to other items for the game.

But I guess Buff FT and nerf pred!