Live stream this Thurs

Not sure what this is about.

It’s about nothing

As usual

I take it back

It them announcing the end of development


Because they invented time travel you dumb fuck

they are pissed off they can’t help the gaystation boys. so they are just cancelling support altogether.

No they told me that PC players are too toxic and ruined the game

then i apologize on behalf of the pC development team at illfonic. You know they can’t make the game with a playstation.

They also said you guys smell like bologna

Why would I bother watching this. If I wanted to see PHG played badly I’d just go and watch one of Mass’s videos.


in fact they got tired of seeing you sticking a banana in the anal orifice while the predator is eating you

Yes when GreyBack is at my side.


Maybe they finally got gud and want to show off or it’s a return to the normal schedule - update + stream.

Dead game lol.

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It is, but I’m still hyped for the newness that is to come

This is kind of a pleasant surprise. My hopes are back up and I’m hoping to get some answers or hype. Maybe get a game in with them