Loadout reset bug

I’m on PS4, When i make a loadout on fireteam and start a game of fireteam and afterwards finish the game or leave the game on purpose all my loadouts reset and when i make my loadout again it still resets after a game of fireteam.


I’ve experienced a logout reset with the Predator several times. I’m not sure what’s causing it but believe others suspect that the spear may be the culprit. Hopefully it gets fixed.

Delete your save data

I tried to even delete the entire game and reinstall it and it hasn’t fixed it. It seems to only happen once in a while. Not all the time. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Try deleting just the save data

Don’t forget to delete also the saved data on PS+ online storage.

Make your loadout again and after you did that Press Circle and get back to loadouts menu
1)if you can see your gears and perks : it means it’s not gonna reset anymore
2)if you can’t see your gears or your perks on that loadout before you open the selected loadout on customization : it means you have to use All Three gears on your Fireteam (for exmp : if you are using two gear for Scout Fireteam and your loadout keeps reseting after every match ,so you have to use Three Gear to fix that problem )

It happens on Pred loadouts too
Sometimes you want to use medkits and beer trap for your Pred , but after every game the game reset your loadout for no reason , so you have to use 3 Gear (medkit , motion , audio) to fix the problem
Tested on PS4

Have you tried deleting the entire game and then playing a game where the devs actually care about the product instead of making cash grabs at every opportunity given and shitting on the IP?

If i delete my saved data doesn’t it delete my predator hunting grounds game progress?

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It doesn’t but you need to remake your loadouts.

I have the same problem but with predators.