Loadouts Problem

still i cant play scout,alpha.samurai(loadout reset every game no matter what ) can you pls FIX it in this patch ?

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They “fixed” the loadout glitch several patches ago 😅

Actually they did. The problem was that you had to delete options file to make it work…

actually they didnt , i have this problem last 4-6 months
i tried uninstall/install + delete saves+over and over again

Did you delete the options file on PS Plus online storage also?

i am on epic games (i deleted everything)

Had it happen to DLC characters mainly on Fireteam side

my dutch 87 its fine :P

The Dutch’s seem fine, it’s mainly Dante and Isabelle which I get the most trouble with.

I’m on PS4 and it’s solved the way i told.
I’m on Steam too and i don’t have that issue…

well on epic games your solution dont work :(