Loadouts with Dutch-87 Not working

When trying to select pre-existing Dutch-87 loadouts, I receive a pop-up stating ‘Loading’. Doesn’t allow me to access the loadout…just closes the window after 30-40 seconds.

Platform: PC


Same ps4 pro

Deleted the ‘Saved’ directory and doesn’t resolve. Seems to be when selecting GOSL assault rifle.

this is the same bug I’m getting that I talk about in my Patch 2.11- City Hunter custom loadouts bugging out post.

Literally the same thing happening with City Hunter.

Same here, PS4. Just bought the damn character and I can’t customize him

I’m able to select and customise all my classes fine, no “please wait” or anything. PS4. Weird

Even your Dutch 87 class?

Yup. Tried all my DLC classes and I could select em just fine. My friend was having the issues with City hunter tho. Weird

Right!! I tried to use the same rifle, now it won’t even let me remove it. Help @IllFonic please!! Just bought it and I can’t use him