Lobby is not repopulating


  • often, lobby starts loads with only 1 or 2 or 3 players
  • often nobody is joining EVER into empty places (if lobby started not full or someone quits the lobby) , very rarely someone connect and take an empty space

How come starting a game as a FT takes about 20seconds, but waiting in lobby for someone to join takes forever or few minutes ?? Something’s really wrong here on technical backend.

That causes serious issues like necessity to start seraching for a game all over again, which is frustrating as predator queues is about 8-10 minutes. Same for FT, they have to quit and search for another match.


This is greatly detailed and hopefully can be closer to a fix on this.



i may add, that my connection is very good, stable fiber optics, lag never exceeds 120ms. 20ms most of matches.

Since you’re playing on Epic, there is a pretty simple reason for that.
Sometimes even with crossplay on, you will join a non-crossplay lobby because your teammate has crossplay off.
The population of us Epic Games players has shrunk a lot, we are so few that we literally know each other.
There are times of the day, when I try to play pred via crossplay, get into a non-crossplay lobby and see 2 guys waiting, and I already know that nobody else will come, as it’s tuesday morning and literally nobody else plays on PC than those other 2 guys.
If you play in the evenings(european timezones) then you will meet some of the few eastern- and western european groups.
Everybody else tries to queue as Pred, while they just wait for the same 3 teams.

The best advice for any PC player is to team up with others via discord and play privates.
Or turn on crossplay and pray that you will get at least 2 PC players among the random potatoes, so you don’t get 7 claims in 3 minutes.

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Since you play with crossplay ON, it could not be starve of queue. It is simply by poor queue implementation by Illfonic.

Oh I misread, thx!
But you still run the risk of entering a non-crossplay lobby, even if you have crossplay on.
If the other teammate has crossplay off, you will wait forever as PC player.
Edited my post so it still makes sense

This is nothing new. It’s always been an issue.

Idk about that.

I never had a issue with the lobbies filling up before this update and after update 2.0. So this update is clearly the issue with lobbies now

I do. I have had the game since release. Lobbies not getting filled or re-filled is not a new issue at all.

It’s as ancient as the -1 lobbies and loadout reset issues that rears its ugly head every patch.

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Okay and I have also had the game since release. Maybe its a pc issue that the lobbies are not filling

What can i tell you?

It’s a game issue that’s affected most by now. I regularly join full FT lobbies where we end up waiting for the game’s matchmaking system to find a Predator and it can take several minutes too. That should not be happening given that everybody and their grandmother wants to play as the Pred but it does.

Just another example of its buggy state.

The whole “everybody wants to play pred” is BS , the matchmaking is broken , as it has been since launch.

Its the same when you bring up matchmaking, you always get que this and que that , the broken parts they try and gloss over

yep something has to be broken on backend, i reported it already like 3 times on bug forums, but nobody seems to notice and do something with it.

It’s probably the abundance of erroneous coding brought in by the Petty Cheaters community mucking things up

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Mate , its been broken since before launch . So reports are probably in the numbers to pack a landfill