Lobby rooms for Q times

Imagine if you play as F.T and your at OWLF headquarters, or a room full of players about to board a helicopter on the base

(Oh ya why are we not using exo skeletons?)

and as Yautja (Predators) You would be waiting in a Predator ship or your trophy room displaying them!

Or classic


That would be cool


Which is why we’ll never get anything like this. 😂

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Ya maybe when we get a sequel maybe where we can actually customize our Fireteam instead of using the few examples we get, maybe with guns to with little keychains! like that one game er…uh…what’s the name?! It escapes me but…come on somebody has to know?! It’s like a swat game?

Good god, if illfonic gets to do a sequel to this game, I may vomit.