Locker rewards not unlocking

i7-2600 | 3.40 GHz | 16 GB | Windows 10
Geforce GTX 970 | 4 GB

Game from Steam. Predator bundle edition.
Also all DLCs, except both Dutchs, Dante and Wolf Predator.

For some time now, I’m having the feeling of certain locker rewards not unlocking. As the menus are a little confusing about where the new items can be found – and still knowing about the game (about 48 hour spent) – I didn’t gave much concern, since I could discover them as I went playing.

But yesterday I was sure that I should have unlocked the marine colour for the spear variant - as locker reward - but, alas, nothing.

Just some minutes ago, after completing this week challenge and gained three lockers, I saw one of the rewards as the Alpha Predator. There was nothing there that was implying some shader. I make sure that I was reading it right. It really look the real deal. I was excited specially for the predlocks.

But there was nothing. No class unlocked, and no appearance items showing up.

I’m assuming that all the three rewards (when open a locker) are received, and not just one of them. I don’t find any button onscreen to select any.

The funny thing is that fireteam rewards are unlocking fine, but the predator ones seem to have problems. Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you for your attention.

Skill issue!

Don’t understand. What do you mean?

Try buying it with veritanium?

I may have done some error by reporting this. A while back another Alpha appeared as locker reward. It said style, and the dummy had some green blood on him (kinda cool). Maybe the first time it was really just a skin. I’m not sure.

Thinking more about it, it was strange, the possibility of having entire classes as random reward. Maybe I really was wrong ont that part. I’ll check if I have the skins when reaching the unlocking level.

But I’m sure one of the lockers gave me the marine skin for the city spear. But not any of the variants have it. Weird.

So, please, forget about this thread. I still appreciate any attention given, and sorry about any inconvenience.