Lockers worthless again

Just opened 50 and got nothing but blues and pinks. Wtf guys.

They’ve always been worthless

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I want trophies 🙁 They were awesome for a few days 🤷‍♀️

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If they were indicative of skill level or… Anything for that matter I could see

Sure they’re cool looking but let me know when they serve a purpose

I just want the flintlock man 😅

It would make a nice stealth kill

Just got my first mythic!

African Dagger!

@Courier did you guys nerf the drop rates? Opened 100 lockers and still nothing but blues and pinks. No red orange or mythic.

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That’s my question, even when I opened 250 only got dupes, blues, few pinks, and 3 reds

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Han vuelto a caer, tras la actualización abrí casi 20 y hacha vikinga y cráneo de lobo, después las tocaron y todo mal de 50 cajas 4 o 5 objetos nuevos y lo además duplicado.

I contend that the drop rates were again lowered and confirmed by Illfonic that the monetary value of duplicates was lowered across the higher end drops. Thanks, every person who said “they got buffed a bit TOO much.”

I haven’t noticed a change in the drops. I’m only doing 10-20 at a time as I can but I’m still getting reds and yellows.

LMAO… i was purposly saving all my money to open like 5k crates when they mess up with rarity drops… and so they did… i opened up and got like atleast 30 yellow ones… i still got like 200k left

Oh and im still saving money incase they do smth with the currency like make a skill system too… would be fun.

James Cameron got a mythical and several reds yesterday.

Rookie numbers