Login error PC

All my other games can log in today… WTF is up with PHG?!?

typical illfonic

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Fuck you that’s why.
I told you the sun blew up. XD

Seriously tho, it’s just ilfonic man.

Still got another sun…
Pluss yes… the fuck yous are strong with this game…

Always has been.
And you know what smart ass, ilfonic blew up the other sun. Gg

Well they missed the target… sure your in the right sector?

No they hit it.
Pred planet, gone.
Finish. No more.

Honestly tho I cant think of any story that would be cool or interesting enough with preds.
Like they’re good for the movies but idk.

Preds just give me generic mid game enemy vibes.

Like not even talking shit, I dont know why people like them so much.

On another note, I wish we could get a really good pvp game where we can play xenomorphs.

people probably suffer from the boba fett effect for predators back when boba fett didn’t have a tv show people only liked him cause he looked cool even though he didn’t really do anything besides fail

which in a way is all that predators do they look cool the idea is cool all they do is lose
sounds like old boba fett

That’s a really good comparison but its possible to make a cool story off him as long as theres no plot armor protecting other people.

With preds like idk. They feel empty.

You need to read the Comics and books… FAR better

Read some books… you’ll see a better life of the Yautja 100%

The predators are Finnish now?!

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No… because Fire has no respect for lore… he just like blowing shit up

Fucking christ you sound like you deserve to be shoved in a locker.
And blowing shit up isnt fun?
The fuck Is wrong with you.

Blowing shit up is fun…
Why you think I joined the military??

Idk man, I don’t think you thought thought one through, given how badly it messed you up.

Death of a friend messed me up… not an explosion… I do have PTSD… FYI
Part of why I was discharged…

You know… it is NEVER wise to joke around with a soldier like you are…
You never know what you might set off…
Some PTSDs can be a serious thing. others not so bad… just sets unwanted memories bro…

Well it’s not really meant to set you off.
Either way it was a light joke.

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