Lone Wolf Mode?

@IllFonic @OldKingHamlet

This game needs more depth! The Leaked Predator Single Player Mode (Lone Wolf) would add that depth to the game! I hope we are getting that

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Lol. Lone wolf was confirmed by the devs to be what they called the tutorial in the coding.

That “single player” mode is just a glitch that happened in a solo private match


What about the video footage of it

we would dmn you to hell…

The footage of the Pred doing a ft mission. Its a glitch man.

It wasn’t a fireteam mission though

Watch the video you will see it’s actually not a fireteam mission

They already said sometime ago, that Lone Wolf is their codename for tutorial

Don’t be so sure! They could easily be lying

This mode on the video was leaked maybe year ago, so i’m sure of it

That doesn’t mean anything

If something datamined they moved this release. So it means

Please stop wasting my time! I’m not responding to you anymore

Damn someone giving opinion gets ignored

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What this game need is FT tutorial.