Long Claim Cinematic and Stealth Kill Reworks

Long Claim: At the end of the round, the Pred gets to view all the long claim cinematics that he did. As a pred player, I also want to see the long claim cinematic, but can’t. Would be a very cool way for pred players to not just see the awesome long claim cinematics, but also to see how their pred looks in more cutscenes than just intro and outro.

Stealth Kill Rework: Stealth Kills now count as claims and animations would be reworked for the Pred to decapitate the FT member and take their skull, this would also give range weapons their own unique stealth kills. Wrist blade stealth kills are still available through the Wristblade weapon.


How about just let us pick the long claim same as executions in For Honor

What year is it

There’s no reason for the FT and pred to even see two different animations. What was illfonic’s logic behind that?


Knowing IllFonic they won’t rework the long claims, so I think additions to the current system are more likely, hence my idea.

Stealth kill rework is very unlikely, but I can dream…

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Why not for the long claim the Predator gets the animation just not the cinematic. It technically still counts just not as cool I guess, reason why I don’t want the cinematic in the game for the Predator is bc you can’t see other FT members when you claim.


No, I meant after the match ends all long claim
Cinematics are played before the ending/outro cutscene.

Good suggestions

A highlight reel of the action at the end match screen would get great followed by an end credits segment inspired by the end credits of Predator

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I wish, Predator would do the animation in game like it shows in the cinematic’s instead of the basic 3 stabs and rip

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Oooooooooh, yeah that would be cool my bad

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Do what must be done. Do not hesitate, show no mercy.
Yes I agree with this.

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Same. Or something like how it was in Friday the 13th executions

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It’s all good. I sometimes have errors in clarification in my ideas, so that was partially my bad.

I have long wanted to write about this too. They need to transfer those animations from the cutscenes. Just one set of movements is very annoying.

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20 more posts on stealth kills and long claims & they’ll make them a proper game mechanic worth using

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