Long claim claims for predator

I noticed on the fireteam side when you get long claimed there is several different animations at the same time. It be pretty cool if it appeared on the predators end and was randomized each time. Bonus points if you can select a preference


Meh i dont care about the long claim… running elder predator/ humans are not worthy of claims.

Or at least be slightly more unique that then typical choke grab and spine rip out.

Like make it weapon specific on how they take the spine out

Or have the base long claim be the one equipped to the wrist blades?

Spitballing here lol

Cool of on third down the arrow rips them appart
Plasma blows them to pieces
Disc cut in half
Netgun contricts them to death
Elder sword beheadings
Combistick stap through abdomen
Trap snaps legoff
War club. Beat down like apocalipto

War club is more like nerf bat

While it would be cool, it would take more time and would leave predator open to attack which is no good.

Im saying it happens real time… and fast

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If they can manage it then of course! The more the merrier in all aspects.

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Also feel STEALTH kills should be faster than a long claim but not shorter than a short claim.

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