Look at art.

I haven’t. I watched a lot. It’s a no e game when you just feel like gaming for a bit. Arcady

Yup, it’s definitely unique and appealing to the eye

That’s a new boss character, revealed yesterday.

They also have nice soundtracks to boot

Might look it up.
Too bad we know it will be ridden with bugs

I havent watched it in a while, but i think it’s pretty smooth. Whatever bugs there were got fixed quickly. One thing i remember is that people would get booted from their record runs, which was pretty upsetting if you committed half a day. Don’t know where they stand in that now.

Mike Nash




Stunning. Absolutely breathtaking. I literally have no other words to describe the beauty that I just saw.

Should’ve sent a poet.

Predator tattoo I finished for client… also added a pic of whats to come in the near future. Looking forward to this arm piece. Let me know what you all think. Open to artistic criticism. Sharings caring. Thanks for looking 🙃


That’s fkn dope


My only criticism is it kinda looks like the shuirken is a yoyo lol doesn’t look bad, just the pose

Also ya boy looks like a shaved gorilla

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I dive back into it and sculpt it out more maybe that will help. Thanks for your honesty. And yeah this is dudes back is a whole forest lmao.

Thanks buddy

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I mean it’d be pretty tight to conceptualize a yo-yo shuirken for the pred. He’d be what we woulda had if Predator 3 happened in the 90s.

As long as there’s some sort of rave music playing during his twirling of the yo-yo shuirken as well as body parts flying. Idk why but im picturing blade 2’s club scene but with predator and a yo-yo

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I’m more partial to the first one. That tracks a banger. But yes. The 90s definitely missed out on a predator rave bloodbath. Like he ain’t there for honor, just bass. And earth drugs.

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You wanna tattoo me next?? This is sick


I drew this piece of shit



Is it supposed to be… samurai Pred??

It looks pretty clean considering that i don’t see any erasing

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